extracts from the VISITORS' BOOK with some images

Hanging in Barn Sitting Room
tree in garden
two people pondering


St. Peter's and St.Augustines' Quiet Day

"Peace - Calm - Tranquility

"We've walked in the grounds and woods, spent time in the house and chapel and set aside some quiet time with God."


"The Singing Group

We had a wonderful time singing; walking the woods,painting and drawing, feasting, talking through the night, basking in glorious sunshine and especially enjoying the ambience surrounding this amazing house."

statue in Barn Chapel


"Sussex University Chaplaincy

A wonderful retreat for holy and happy refreshment"


"Holy Innocents Family Day

- Every year it seems to me that our sense of community is heightened and our church is enriched by our day at Micklepage.

- Thank you Micklepage for drawing us together in love.

- An inspiring place to be with old friends and to meet new ones."

cross in Barn Chapel



"We have just spent another amazing weekend here at Micklepage. I have been here too many times to count in my 26 years - for weddings, christenings and family parties - and it is a joy to be able to share Micklepage magic with friends and my husband-to-be."


altar in Barn Chapel, laid for Holy Communion at Council Meeting, July 2006

"More than one of our group senses profound peace in this place and all of us have felt love for each other and the house itself.  I am not Christian but it is natural to feel spiritualized by Micklepage.  It is lovingly cared for and that is important.  It is impossible to quantify the other important aspects of the place but it is absolutely immensely wonderful."