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Questions and Answers



Q. How do I get access to the property?

A. When your booking is confirmed the booking secretary will send you details of how to locate the keys to the properties so that you will be able to let yourselves in. There is no on site warden so please make sure that you take this information with you when you travel.


Q. Why must we have a Group Leader?

A. The Micklepage Trust manage and care for the property voluntarily and there is no resident warden. Groups who come here look after themselves for both catering and housework and take responsibility for the conduct of visitors and activities during their stay. For this reason we ask that every booking has a nominated group leader.


Q. What are the responsibilities of the group leader?

A. The group leader is responsible for communications such as liaison with the booking secretary and for ensuring that the group adheres to the terms and conditions of the rental.


Q. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

A. If you need to cancel your booking please let the bookings secretary know as soon as possible so that we can endeavour to accomodate another visit. If we are able to do this we will refund the booking fee less 20% of the cost which we retain for admin costs. Unfortunately, If we are not able to re-let the property there will be no refund of deposit/booking fees.

Household and Accommodation 


Q. What is provided?
A. In both the farmhouse and barn we provide:
  • Electricity and water and storage heating in each room. The farmhouse kitchen has an AGA and oil is also included.

  • Basic cooking and mealtime equipment including saucepans, baking trays, utensils, cutlery, glasses and china, serving bowls, chopping boards, teapots, cafetiere, jugs, etc.

  • Tea towels

  • Logs for open fire in Farmhouse and woodburner in Barn.

  • Beds each have one blanket and bedspread and pillow, but guests will need to bring their own sheets, pillowcases and towels.


Q. What do we need to bring?

A. You will find a list of recommended things in our bookings section, or view the checklist here.


Q. Can I bring pets?

A. We regret that it is not possible to bring dogs, or other pets to Micklepage.


Q. Who do I contact in the event of an emergency?

A. Micklepage is run as a charity and maintained by volunteers so please only 

contact the following; Terry Howe 07503 191 566 in the event of a real emergency. 

Examples would include: Fire alarm, power failure, plumbing and drainage problems.


Q. What is the Micklepage Farmhouse Telephone Number?

A. 01403891370


Q. Is there Internet Access/WIFI?

A. No, though you can get mobile phone network signals depending on your network


Q. Where do I find fire wood?

A. Firewood is located in the wood shed in the outbuildings to the right of the barn next to the bin shed. A key to the padlock is on each set of keys. Please lock when you leave.


Q. Where does rubbish go?

A. Large bins can be found in the bin shed next to the woodshed in the outbuildings to the right of the barn. There is a bin for general waste and seperate bins for recycling. 

Q. Where can I find information on how to work the appliances such as the cooker?

A. In each property you will find a folder which has appliance operating instructions/manuals.


Q. What bedding is provided?

A. Each bed has a mattress protector, bedspread and pillows. Extra blankets can be found in the linen cupboards in each property. Please make sure that these are folded and returned to the cupboards at the end of your stay.


Q.Were do I get spare light bulbs from?

A. You will find spare light bulbs in the cleaning cupboards next to the kitchens in both properties. Please take care if changing lightbulbs.


Q. What cooking and dining facilities are provided?

A. In the farmhouse you can cook in an electric oven or in the AGA and in the barn on an electric cooker. There are microwaves in both properties. Both kitchens are fully equipped for cooking serving and dining with plenty of glasses, china, saucepans, baking and serving dishes, utensils and cutlery and tea and coffee making.


Q. What cleaning are visitors expected to do?

A. We ask that you leave the properties inside and out clean and ready for the next group and this includes cleaning fridge/freezer and oven and making sure furniture is put back into it's original place. We do have a cleaner who visits weekly, but it is not always possible to ensure full household cleaning if visits overlap though we do endeavour to check the properties before each visit and provide clean tea towels. You can view a checklist of cleaning and housekeeping here and via the bookings section. 


Q. What should I do if I break something?

A. Please make a note of any breakages in the household book provided and leave money to cover replacement.


Q. How are the properties heated and can I adjust the heating?

Both properties have storage heaters in all of the bedrooms. These are programmed automatically to heat overnight and the settings should not be altered. The farmhouse has an open fire and the Barn a woodburner in the living rooms. The farmhouse also has an AGA  and this warms the kitchen nicely. The AGA should not be switched off.


Q. How do I change the temperature on the AGA?

A. Open door on bottom left of Aga, adjust setting using knob, please turn down to low (2) when you finish your stay.


Q. Where are the electricity master consumer units/panels?

A. In the farmhouse this is located in the corner cupboard in the living room and in the barn in the cupboard next to the kitchen.


Q. What should I do if the electricity goes off?

A. Sometimes if the electric sockets are overloaded the electricity will cut out/trip.

Switch the appliances off and locate the master electricity consumer unit/panel and put the switch back to on.

Travel and Parking


Q. How do I find Micklepage?

See our Directions page for information on how to find us


Q. Is there car parking?

A. Yes see Parking



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